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Each serving of Alpha Lion G.O.A.T.EIN provides 112 calories, 25 grams of protein, 2.7 grams of carbohydrates, and less than one gram of fat.



Whey protein isolate

Micronized for easier mixing, this is a dairy product but has been processed in such a way that it’s almost free from lactose and fat. Whey protein is a fast-acting protein that’s ideal for pre and post-exercise use.


Achromium complex designed to increase insulin sensitivity so that more of the protein in Alpha Lion G.O.A.T.EIN ends up in your muscle cells, increasing the potency of this product.


AminoGen is a blend of digestive enzymes designed to improve the breakdown and absorption of the protein in Alpha Lion G.O.A.T.EIN. A lot of users of whey protein supplements report symptoms like bloating and intestinal distress with other brands of whey protein. Alpha Lion G.O.A.T.EIN is much less likely to cause stomach upsets and is gluten-free.


Apatented absorbency booster which ensures that your cells can take up more of the protein in Alpha Lion G.O.A.T.EIN than other whey protein supplements. Better absorption means a little Alpha Lion G.O.A.T.EIN goes a long way.

Alpha Lion G.O.A.T.EIN also contains natural and artificial flavors, thickeners, and anti-caking agents.

How to Use

Alpha Lion G.O.A.T.EIN is very easy to use. Because it’s micronized, it mixes easily, even without using a blender. Simply add one scoop of powder with 8-12 ounces of water and then consume. It can also be mixed with milk or dairy-free alternatives such as rice milk or soymilk if preferred.

Because Alpha Lion G.O.A.T.EIN is a highly digestible, fast-acting protein, it’s best used shortly before or immediately after exercise. At other times, a slower-acting protein such as calcium caseinate is best.