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ProSupps Mr Hyde Nitrox Pre-Workout
It's time to release the beast! Prosupps Mr Hyde Nitrox pre-workout is a one seriously potent potion! Packed with a fiendish 410mg caffeine matrixper serving plus 2.5 grams beta-alanine, creatine HCl and more this blend is easily the most extreme and the most effective available anywhere. Choose Prosupps Mr Hyde for one heck of an energy boost to blitz through even the heaviest weight-training workouts.
Key Benefits

Insane Energy– Prosupps have formulated one of the most crazy pre-workout cocktails on the supplement market with 410mg caffeine matrix per serving. You have been warned.
Pump It Up– Arginine Silicate and l-citrulline are the key ingredients in this Prosupps' potion that break down to release nitrogen oxide in the blood and increase blood flow to the muscles. Muscles appear larger and leaner plus can work harder for longer due to faster oxygen and nutrient delivery.
More Lean Mass– The Mr Hyde formula features 1 gram of creatine HCl, the most tried, tested and trusted form of creatine, to promote lean mass and muscle hydration.
Refreshing Flavours– Mr Hyde pre-workout comes in a range of fiendishly good flavours including blue raspberry & fruit punch that mixed with water or stacked with Prosupps Dr Jekyll for a diluted caffeine kick without losing your muscle pump.

Who is ProSupps Mr Hyde Nitrox Pre-Workout For?
Prosupps Mr Hyde Nitrox is a hellishly strong stimulant blend and is reserved for hardened gym junkies only. Use with extreme caution! This product is not suitable for pregnant or breast-feeding women or children under the age of 18. For those with any existing medical conditions or prescribed medication please consult a medical professional prior to supplementation.
When to Use ProSupps Mr Hyde Nitrox Pre-Workout?
Shake up one 10-gram scoop of Prosupps Mr Hyde 60 minutes before each training session. Mr Hyde is an extremely concentrated caffeine formula – do not exceed one serving per day under any circumstances. For athletes who are more caffeine sensitive we recommend stacking with the low-stimulant Prosupps Dr Jekyll pre-workout (ie. Half a serving of each) to give you just enough energy to train but without sending your head into a spin!
Who Are ProSupps?
ProSupps are the team behind the market leading Dr Jekyll (pump pre workout) and Mr Hyde (high stim pre workout) alondside a huge selection of innovative products. ProSupps products are tested to ensure they meet every label claim and they are formulated without compromise; with ProSupps you get the product with effective dosages, not just the cheapest to produce. With ProSupps you can expect truly unique supplements and no "me too" type products - we're happy to recommend ProSupps here at Echo!