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What is Insane Labz Quarantine?
Insane Labz Quarantine is your multivitamin derived straight from the Asylum.
From the same company that brought you the infamous pre workout Psychotic, Quarantine is your safe guard for optimal health and performance.
Due to many factors in this day and age, our intake of adequate vitamins and minerals has diminished. This can be due to:

Food handling practices
Quality of food being grown
Contaminants used on raw ingredients

Adequate vitamins and mineral intake is vital to ensure your body is running like a well oiled machine.
Not just your standard multi-vitamin, Insane Labz Quarantine contains ingredients to improve heart, liver, & organ health.
Quarantine is also naturally flavoured too!

For best results mix 1 scoop of Insane Labz Quarantine in 400ml water and drink daily.