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ShuraKHAN® - New generation pre-workout. It is not the usual pre-workout of amino acids and stimulants. It is a new concept of intending explosive energy, bullying and focus during training.

We live in the age of frenzy and achievement of the highest performances in all our fields, so much so that we very often feel the need to "caffeinate" ourselves to get the best performance during our days. We often get to our workout debilitated or weak, so an "extra gear" is very often welcome. This is why all the pre-workout supplements with stimulants (more or less legal according to the country of origin) have become so fashionable, to the extent that for many it is now more important to "feel" the adrenergic charge than the real effectiveness, quality of content and formulation of the product. The various "claims" of the virtues that certain components have are rampant, speaking of thermogenic effect, suppression of appetite, powerful stimulation at the nervous-mental level, with greater focus on making the athlete a shark thirsty for blood .... but at what price? Are we sure that all this is so useful and worth the risk, namely the side effects that certain supplements enriched with adrenergic substances can lead to in the short and long term? Maybe a few kilos more on the barbell, more determination, more resistance so welcome in the most difficult stages of a race diet for example, but "pollutants" that lead first of all to easy tolerance or excessive adrenal over-stimulation with various effects on the production of cortisol and other stress-related hormones, "down" mood phases or accentuation of states of anxiety, with tachycardia and an easy tendency to dehydration, without forgetting that all this can extend to the period of sleep, which may end up being easily disturbed. I have always been very opposed to pre-workout supplements that force the nervous system excessively, because I am aware of their mechanisms and targets of action and then their side effects. In my continuous chats with professional athletes, both in body building and in combat sports, there is always the need to have maximum performance, to sense work and muscle contraction with the best focus on training, especially in the hardest moments of preparation, but without excessive stimulating effects on the heartbeat, anxiogenics and sleep disturbers.

Constant research and development work at Yamamoto has led to creation of the new SHURAKHAN. From a product that already exists in our range, I felt it had to have something more for making it an exceptional product of its "no stim" kind, which aimed at performance, encouraging maximum blood flow to the muscles, maximum hydration, but above all giving better lucidity and concentration without alterations to the nervous system, thanks to a series of elements that make this product a new Yamamoto excellence.
The new Shurakhan® is the first supplement that stimulates maximum muscle pumping with a nootropic effect, resulting from the combination of the latest generation elements, formulated for the body builder or athlete who wants to maximise the vasodilator effect by bringing precious blood and nutrients to the muscles for a prolonged period even after training, keeping the muscle cells well hydrated and, above all, bringing that extra energy gear to mental focus in training and ... towards our goal.

Thanks to the extremely effective "Setria-performance®" combination patented by Kyowa® based on Citrulline and Setria Glutathione already used by us at Yamamoto in the Kamikaze and Glycobol Ultra products, we will have a sustained and constant increase in muscular pumping, with a lasting effect also in the post-training phase, enabling not only maximum flow of precious oxygenated and nutrient-rich blood to the muscles, but an improvement of the circulation itself and therefore of recovery, also under the asp